Engagement photo sessions



The Engagement photo-session is a photo session with the bride and bridegroom-to-be. In general, that day, dress means everyday wear and not wedding clothes. However, that’s up to the future spouses: casual, chic, boho…etc.

This lets a couple see the photographer in action well before the wedding and so get used to his presence with the camera. You can use the engagement photos as your Save-the-Date cards or as simple souvenirs.

This meeting between photographer and the bride and groom-to-be helps to  establish mutual understanding and to pin down exactly what the couple are expecting.

So, on the big day when the wedding photographer arrives on the scene of the preparations, the bride will have in mind the result of that lovely photo session and will be able to enjoy her wedding to the full without worrying about what the photographer is doing.

For the choice of the whereabouts of the Engagement photos there are many beautiful places, especially here in Corsica.

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